British Podcast Awards

Podcast Of The Year supported by Audible

Dear Daughter

Our judges said: “a powerful, intimate and utterly personal podcasts that captured the very best of what the medium has to offer. It also provided thoughtful perspectives on a whole ranges of issues.”

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Acast+ Listeners’ Choice

Red Handed

Chosen by public vote involving over 60,000 podcast listeners, retain their trophy for a second year.

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Podcast Champion 2022

You me & The BIG C

Chosen by the organisers of the British Podcast Awards, this year’s Podcast Champion recognises the incredible work achieved by this small team of presenters and producers to raise awareness of cancer communities. We have shared in the laughs and tears since the show began in 2018 - and it’s work is not done. We hope it continues for ...

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Audio UK Moment Of The Year


When exploring who owns the Black hair industry, host Leanne Alie took on the CEO of Pak’s, in a clip that went viral on Black Twitter with 82,000 views of the clip and 697,000 impressions and created an online conversation about the importance of buying Black owned.The judges said that the moment, “brought an important and rarely talk...

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Silver: Chinese Chippy Girl

BRONZE: Masala Podcast

The BBC Sounds Rising Star Award

This Is Gay

This Is GayThe judges celebrate a new entrant to podcasting that shows great potential: “Kirk Flash is an exciting new podcasting talent. This is Gay is a refeshingly funny and empathic exploration of the gay experience which has been prodcued to a high standard. An inspiration to future rising stars!”

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Best Wellbeing Podcast supported by Audible

Effin Hormones

"Effin Hormones utilizes the podcast medium to amplify the voices and experiences of the "sandwich generation," while creating a private space for listeners contemplating their private personal discomfort, grief and transformation. The team behind ‘Effin Hormones makes a real effort to engage with their listeners and has provided an in...

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Silver: Manatomy

Bronze: Declassified

Best Branded Podcast

Forced to Flee

The judges said: “these stories have massive resonance and importance, with such a broad range of voices, providing riveting eye-witness accounts that may not otherwise be heard. Coupled with excellent sound design that was highly evocative and seamlessly supportive of the stories being told, the podcast gave the listener a powerful in...

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Silver: Youth Rising by NCS

Bronze: Lives on the Lines

The Bullseye Award

Breast Cancer

The judges said, “A podcast that no doubt brought comfort to those listening who had shared experience - the lightness from some guests gave a fuller account when combined with the grittier elements - and a treatment that focused around moments or experiences made it stand out from the crowd.”

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Silver: Getting Emotional

Bronze: History Storytime

Best Arts & Culture Podcast supported by Pod Bible

Perfect Sounds

The judges said “Hits all the marks of a truly successful podcast. It's an innovative format delivered by a host whose authentic engagement with the subject matter shines through. It's funny, entertaining and unique.”

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Silver: Legends Fall In The Making

Bronze: Activity Quest

Best Comedy Podcast supported by Amazon Music

Spooky Shot

“There is great sound design in this podcast, which comes with a natural comedic flair provided by the host.”

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Silver: This Is Gay

Bronze: Cold Case Crime Cuts

Best Current Affairs Podcast

Media Storm

The judges said, “A podcast that centres the often unheard voices at the heart of news stories. The presenters are engaging and the production shines. This is passionate and important podcasting.”

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Silver: The Intelligence

Bronze: The Slow Newscast

Best Entertainment supported by Create Podcasts


The judges said, “A podcast that takes hold of you from the moment you press play. Storytelling at its finest.”

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Silver: Feast Is Feast with Big Zuu

Bronze: Shagged Married Annoyed

Creativity Award supported by Audible UK

George's Podcast

“Still breaking new ground and sustaining the highest standards of excellence in Season 3: a beautiful, confident and brave production..”

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Silver: Soundworlds

Bronze: Operation Ouch! The Podcast of Everything

Best Family Podcast

Dear Daughter

“An excellent example of how one simple idea can have such universal appeal . The judges were really impressed how this podcast ,which started as a global competition open to anyone , was developed into such a powerful, emotional, and creative listen. The stories ,from mothers who want to share some advice with their daughters, are fun...

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Silver: Super Great Kids' Stories

Bronze: Armchair Adventures

Best Fiction

Sound Worlds

The judges said that they “loved the gentle, atmospheric feel of the winning series. The thoughtful pacing let this piece breathe, and they were able to sit with the child's compelling narration. It's hard to pull off subtlety in audio fiction, yet this piece did just that.”

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Silver: Fully Amplified

Bronze: Atlantic: A Scottish Story

Best Interview supported by Podfollow

Stories of our times

In March 2021, the government published new plans for the future of the military in which it was widely reported there would be cuts to the British Army. Our presenter Manveen Rana secured an exclusive interview with the then Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter.The judges said, “This standout interview was a well-execut...

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Silver: Tales from the Tannoy

Bronze: Masala Podcast

Best New Podcast

Outcast UK

“A truly inclusive show, delivered with honesty, exuberance, and charm, by a presenter who welcomed listeners with their guests’ absorbing life stories. There was no doubt the guests felt safe and heard. We could have listened for hours.”

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Silver: Decode

Bronze: Ignite Climate Shorts

The Spotlight Award

British Scandal

"A superb presenting duo who bring warmth, comedy and fun to each episode. The combination of scripted and more informal links felt natural and endlessly entertaining - not an easy trick to pull off - and made light work of some complicated storytelling. We really enjoyed listening.”

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Silver: Fairy Meadow

Bronze: Rose & Rosie: Parental Guidance

Best Sex & Relationships Podcast

Assume Nothing: Rape Trial

“Every aspect of this podcast, from sound design to content research to presenter choice to episode length, was precisely considered with impressive depth, sensitivity, sophistication and responsibility. The result is a series that achieves genuine, remarkable balance, and explores a subject that’s vitally important to discuss yet ofte...

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Silver: A Gay and A NonGay

Bronze: The Divorce Social with Samantha Baines

Best Daily Podcast

Everyday Positivity

“When tackling sensitive issues, creating a community is so effective, and this podcast does it phenomenally well. It puts an expert in the pockets of every member of its community.”

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Silver: COP26 Daily

Bronze: Today in Focus

Best Business Podcast supported by Subly

Money Talks

“Outstanding production that grips and informs listeners with storytelling around subjects that could otherwise be fairly dry. Rotating host/reporters work because the tone has a consistent, professional style.”

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Silver: Ninetwentynine

Bronze: Money Clinic

Best Radio Podcast


“With voices and stories rarely heard we found the mix of evocative music with powerful archive and contemporary interviews made for shockingand compelling listening. That this story is yet to be told in as much detail on mainstream British radio, or any media, shows exactly the importance of this podcast.“It was a pleasure to listen t...

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Silver: A Wish for Afghanistan

Bronze: The Great Post Office Trial

Best Live Podcast

The Empire Film Podcast

The winner, the judges said, “captured the excitement, energy and the occasion of the live show. With a great rapport with the audience, it was a fantastic, informative listen. You could hear the atmosphere in the room, generated for the special 500th edition of the show. And it keeps the genre film flag flying.”

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Silver: Nobody Panic

Bronze: The Guilty Feminist

Smartest Podcast

Disect Decode

“The winner does what podcasts do at their best: it goes really deep into its chosen topic, and through this narrow focus it reveals so much about British culture and society more broadly. The presenter and production are exceptionally good, and the podcast treats its subject matter with a gravitas it rarely receives elsewhere in Briti...

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Silver: Have You Heard George's Podcast

Bronze: The Unfiltered History Tour

Best Sports Podcast

The Fake

“A gripping journey that expertly brings the listener into raw, charged moments for a story that needed to be told in this way.”

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Silver: Football Ramble Presents

Bronze: Fight Of The Century - Ali v Frazier

Y Podlediad Cymraeg Gorau / Best Welsh Podcast

Gwrachod Heddiw

The judges felt “The presenters style is warm and engaging, bringing out the best from the guests and making the podcast appeal to everyone. The intimate style and excellent sound quality encourages listeners to feel a part of the conversation and community as the presenter asks for listener experiences. A welcome improvement on their ...

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Silver: Siarad Secs

Bronze: Cwîns efo Mari a Meilir

Best True Crime supported by Wondery

The Catch

“This podcast grabbed our attention immediately. The hosts' intensely personal perspective guided us through a complicated journey of twists and turns - whilst the soundscape, suspense and imaginative true crime storytelling left us lost at sea searching for an answer to who did it.”

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Silver: Wild Crimes

Bronze: The Northern Bank Job

Best Network or Publisher


“...a small team full of spark. They have their finger on the pulse: they are truly creating podcasts which would could not have been made 5, even three years ago – and they are doing it first.”

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Silver: Stak

Bronze: BBC Radio 5Live

The Climate Award

Get Birding

Our newest award went to “a show that makes us think differently about the world around us, seeing even ordinary details through new eyes, and hearing what we had missed before. Accessible and inspiring, the show’s huge charm and enthusiasm encourages listeners to not just enjoy nature, but to feel included in it and responsible for it...

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Silver: The Long Time Academy

Bronze: Chattin' Shit To Save The Planet

Best Documentary Podcast

Bias Diagnosis

The judges said, “a beautiful, empowering piece of work. It placed people with lived experience at the front and centre, and provided vital information on a very overlooked issue. The overall production was stunning, the sound design felt like a character in its own right, and really elevated the story.”

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Silver: Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera

Bronze: Have You Heard George's Podcast?

Best Marketing Campaign


The judges were “impressed by the visual design of the artwork and associated social assets - the vibrant 70s Letraset stylings and smoky lenses really made the podcast stand out in a busy field.”

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Silver: Anthems

Bronze: Sweet Bobby

Best Sales Team

Fresh Air

In a competitive category, the judges felt this company demonstrated a hunger to grow the commercial side of its business. Through the creation of its own podcast, it took its company expertise and turned it into an innovative client retention and lead generation tool.

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Silver: Adelicious

Bronze: Message Heard Sales Team

Best Commercial Campaign

Lets get talk about finances

One in three Brits find it difficult to talk about finances, even with their closest friends and family. So Acast and Klarna created Money Talks: The Card Game, with scales of questions designed to support positive and open discussions between players. The called it, “an incredibly successful concept, with an interesting range of podc...

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