Winner 2021

British Awards 2021

Podcast Of The Year supported by Sony Music

Vent Documentaries

Our judges said: “a brilliantly engaging listen, no matter which of its wonderful presenters was hosting. It gave a fresh insight into real lives as lived by young people, and offered opportunities for those same young people to learn new skills. Excellently produced, it was a format that the judges could see developing into something ...

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BBC Sounds Listeners’ Choice

Red Handed

Chosen by public vote involving over 140,000 podcast listeners, the Gold win came after a Silver placement last year. Congratulations to the listeners of RedHanded for their hard-fought victory.

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Silver: Sh**ged Married Annoyed

Bronze: Football Weekly

Spotify Podcast Champion 2021

Happy Place

“With her show, Happy Place, Fearne Cotton has provided a platform for those who have found it hard to get coverage elsewhere in the media - and created a safe space for the community she built.. If ever there was a moment to build bridges, to find ways of coping in unprecedented times, this was it. And Happy Place was there for us all.”

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The Gold Award

Answer Me This

The organisers of the awards would like to recognise Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann with a special award for their long-running hit series.“After 400 episodes and fifteen years, Answer Me This!, is coming to an end. They’ve shown that it’s possible to make a living from your living room. And now they’ve shown how to bow out gracefully. W...

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Acast Moment Of The Year

Where is George Gibney

The judges said: “This show highlights the power of podcasting beyond the medium, not only is it rich storytelling that deals with hard and difficult subject matter with care. The supporting documents show just how much impact it had in educating a wider audience and seeking justice for survivors.”

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Silver: Ways to Change the World

Bronze: Who Shat On The Floor At My Wedding?

Best Wellbeing Podcast

Discovering Dementia

"A really important podcast, shedding light on something that could often be quite a lonely experience.“It clearly grew from the deeply personal experience, containing solid advice as well as personal experiences. We haven't heard this kind of show anywhere else.”

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Silver: How Did We Get Here?

Bronze: Cassie & Corey

Best Branded Podcast supported by Acast Creative

Gardening with the RHS

The judges said: “an assortment of beautifully told, diverse, relatable and heartfelt stories alongside great tips. This is a forward thinking podcast that engages listeners with new and traditional gardening content. A well deserved winner.”

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Silver: Grilling

Bronze: Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Bullseye Award supported by Global

Some Families

The judges said, “what impresses most about the presenters is just how eloquent they are. A much needed podcast that covers important topics”

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Silver: The Confidence Fighter

Bronze: Out of Home

Best Arts & Culture Podcast supported by Create Podcasts

Real Dictators

The judges said “This podcast had us hooked. The perfect balance of narration, facts and expert opinion set within a dramatic audio production give the listener a heightened experience and allows them to feel like they were at some of history's biggest moments.”

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Silver: Shade Podcast

Bronze: The Secret Life of Songs

Best Comedy Podcast supported by Stitcher


For a second year in a row, the boys from Kurupt FM take the Gold: “A show who’s effortless humour in its characters provided serious laugh-out-loud comedy.”

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Silver: SeanceCast

Bronze: Poppy Hillstead Has Entered The Chat

Best Current Affairs Podcast

Your Broccoli Weekly

The judges said, “Important stories told with refreshing editorial clarity, in the voices of those affected. Well produced and presented, these are voices and broad-ranging anecdotal stories rarely heard on mainstream audio media. The fact that a small team have been able to pull something off to this standard is really impressive.”

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Silver: The Intelligence

Bronze: Interconnected Voices

Best Entertainment supported by Amazon Music

Stars in your Ears

The judges said, “in a very strange year and in a field that is brimming with a lot of entertaining podcasts, this one stood out as bold and totally unique. It’s clear that the host spends every second on this podcast having fun with a total commitment of creativity, energy and ambition to the podcast from all involved, that was topped...

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Silver: James Acaster's Perfect Sounds

Bronze: A Gay and a NonGay

Creativity Award supported by Audible UK

Interconnected Voices

“Engaging and informative, this podcast stood out from the crowd. It had great depth of political reporting and covered some very important issues. A very worthy gold winner.”

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Silver: Futile Attempts (At Surviving Tomorrow)

Silver: Futile Attempts (At Surviving Tomorrow)

Bronze: The Power of Sound

Best Family Podcast

Sound Explorers

The judges said Maddie’s Sound Explorers “demonstrates incredible editing, fabulous soundscape, an artful touch that created a beautiful, crazy symphony for the ears."

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Silver: History Story Time

Bronze: World Wise Web

Best Fiction

The Things Of Darkness

“A powerful and disturbing podcast that speaks to the complexity and contradiction of human existence and relationships. An illuminating and worthwhile listen.”

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Silver: Cassie and Corey

Bronze: Lem N Ginge: The Princess of Kakos

Best Interview supported by Pod Bible

Dead Honest

The judges said, 'the unusual subject matter was handled with great sensitivity. The interviews were so varied, so authentic, and tackled very dark subjects that most of us hope we will never have to face. The host was never afraid to ask difficult questions with genuine interest, finding extraordinary discussion points in what were fo...

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Silver: Masala Podcast

Bronze: Today in Focus

Best New Podcast supported by Audible

Field Recordings

“Field Recordings arrived at exactly the right time, transporting listeners and immersing them in outdoor sounds just as they were confined to their homes. Beautifully produced, richly atmospheric and, best of all, entirely unique. We can’t wait to hear more”

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Silver: Prison Bag

Bronze: Growing up with Gal-Dem

Spotlight Award supported by Global

Grounded With Louid Theroux

"a brilliant selection of high profile guests who open up in unexpected and disarmingly vulnerable ways. It's a podcast that creates very impactful conversations on often crucial topics.”

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Silver: The YUNGBLUD Podcast

Bronze: French & Saunders: Titting About

Best Sex & Relationships Podcast

Tough Talks

“We love the range of subject matter of this show! The hosts are covering everything from sexual pleasure and desire to women's reproductive health and toxic masculinity. The journalism doubles as a public service, while also being an immensely fun listen. It's the kind of show we'd want to send to every teenage girl in our lives, and ...

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Silver: Masala Podcast

Bronze: Brown Girls Do It Too

Best Daily Podcast supported by Spotify

The Intelligence

“An engaging podcast that explores current affairs using creative use of sound and storytelling to great effect, adding depth to the reporting heard on the daily news.”

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Silver: The Santa Daily

Bronze: Anthems

Best Business Podcast supported by Wondery


“A funny, intelligent, interactive podcast series that totally understands its target audience, and looks after them like family. This was particularly valuable in a lockdown year.”

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Silver: The Diary of a CEO

Bronze: We Built This City: Greater Manchester

Best Radio Podcast supported by DTS AutoStage

The Skewer

The judges said the winner was, “a breathtaking, stop-what-you’re-doing show that’s equal parts hilarious and nightmarish, contemporaneous and timeless. A truly unique and interesting take on audio storytelling.”

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Silver: Homeschool History

Bronze: Danny Wallace’s Important Broadcast Podcast

Best Lockdown Podcast supported by Amazon Music


The judges said, “the winner was a timely production shining a light on those who’ve not had a voice during this unprecedented, global pandemic that affected so many and whose names are mostly unknown”

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Silver: BBC Your Work, Your Money

Bronze: Mandemic

Smartest Podcast supported by podfollow

Vent Documentaries

“As well as being original, compelling and creatively produced, this podcast has empowered a group of young people with the skills and confidence needed to become the next generation of audio producers.”

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Silver: Peter 2.0

Bronze: Maddie’s Sound Explorers

Best Sports Podcast


“Head, shoulders and the hand of Maradona above the others, this is a show clearly made with love; love for football, the culture around it and of storytelling, which it does so well.”

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Silver: The High Performance Podcast

Bronze: F1: Beyond The Grid

Y Podlediad Cymraeg Gorau / Best Welsh Podcast


The judges felt “the presenter skilfully interviewed her guests about their personal, challenging and often difficult and personal stories. She allowed the conversations to flow naturally and organically - and knew when to intervene and share and when to keep quiet; a rare skill.”

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Silver: Gwrachod Heddiw

Bronze: Clera

Best True Crime

Who Killed CJ Davis

“A podcast that has changed our perception of the true crime genre. A remarkably personal investigation into an all too familiar story – adding in the impact on the loved ones of the people involved, and highlighting the devastation of every event of this kind. “No-one can leave this podcast without questioning their own responsibility...

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Silver: Hometown: A Killing

Bronze: Hope High

Best Documentary Podcast

Vent Documentaries

The judges were “deeply impressed by this documentary that brings new insight to this subject by centring voices that have been too often excluded from mainstream coverage. The host displays incisive journalistic skills which disarm the interviewees and enlighten the listeners.”

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Silver: My Mother’s Murder

Bronze: The Secrets In Us

Best Network or Publisher

The Economist

“The judges were impressed by the scoops this network managed to create, the variety and high standards of shows and how central their podcasting arm was to their editorial and business operation.”

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Silver: Fun Kids

Bronze: Plosive Productions

Best International Podcast supported by Podfront UK


“Storytelling at its finest; Malcolm Gladwell lands his points with perfectly judged grace and precision, helping humanise stories that may be lost amongst facts and figures; these messages stay with the listener long after the credits have disappeared.

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