Coming out of Trondheim, Norway, Nomono was founded on the grounds of more than 4 years of research at SINTEF, one of the world’s largest independent research facilities.

Back in 2019, Co-founder and PhD in 3D audio and ambisonics Audun Solvang saw an untapped potential in putting the power of spatial audio in the hands of every content creator.

The result is a portable kit that uses a combination of premium quality hardware and patented AI to enable professional podcast recordings anywhere. No more need for a studio, wires, big microphones or setting levels. In 15 seconds, you are ready to record outside, on the beach, in a café or wherever you find the best stories.

The small Stellar Microphones and the ability to move freely during recording eases the pressure on the interviewees and allows you as the host to focus on the conversation – not the technology. Adding spatial audio to the recordings not only makes the Sound Capsule future proof, but it lifts your current podcasting to another level!