Jamie East

Head of Podcasts , DMG

Jamie has worked in the media for over 20 years - both in front of the camera and behind the scenes across print, online, television, radio and podcasts.  Since joining DMG as Head of Podcasts, he has launched them into True Crime, Sport and Popular Culture, and attracted over 20 Million listens, multiple award nominations and they regularly top the podcast charts. 

What are you looking for in a winning entry? 

A compelling story, a real reason for existing, a host(s) who understands how to stop me in my tracks and overall production values that complement the episode.

Top tip for entrants: 

Integrity and authority is key. How you manage strike up a relationship with your listener within the first few minutes of your episode will be the benchmark of your success. Show me how well you know your genre and sector - why are YOU the best placed to tell this story?