Ella Squire

Podcast Marketing Manager , BBC Studios (as of June 2024 - formerly News UK)

Ella Squire started out in music PR before moving to her first love of audio. She has spent the last three years marketing podcasts at News UK, including big hitters from The Times, talkSPORT and beyond. From June 2024, she started a new podcast marketing role within BBC Studios.

What are you looking for in a winning entry? 

I'm looking for audio that harnesses the intimacy of the medium to completely absorb the listener and podcasts that utilise their inherent flexibility to achieve what radio can't. Most of all, good storytelling is everything, and I am a big fan of any immersive audio.

Top tip for entrants: 

Know your competition - look at the biggest and best podcasts that you think may be competing in your category and figure out what thing makes you stand out from the crowd - then, lean into that thing!