All categories are decided by a jury of independent judges, representing podcast creators, publishers, press, listeners and audio industry execs.

Judges in each category will be looking for a unique and compelling listen that excels in its chosen genre. Particular recognition will be given to entries that maintain a high quality over many episodes (reflecting the appeal of 'box-set binges' amongst podcast listeners) and attempt to take us places that traditional broadcast radio cannot.

Judges 2017

In pictures:

In words:

Julie Shapiro Radiotopia/PRX
Charlie Phillips The Guardian
Nick White KCRW
Andrea Silenzi Panolpy
Miranda Sawyer The Observer
Chris Berube Slate Media
Alannah Chance Reduced Listening
Steven D Wright Kerfuffle TV
Colin Anderson  Earwolf
Mira Burt-Wintonick CBC Radio, 'Love Me' and the forthcoming fiction series 'Pen Pals'
Husain Hussani Wire Free Productions
Eric Molinsky Imaginary Worlds
Ann Hepperman The Sarah Awards
Nina Garthwaite In The Dark
Cristal Duhaime CBC Radio, 'Love Me' and the forthcoming fiction series 'Pen Pals'
Rhianna Dhillon Film Critic
Dotun Adebayo BBC Radio
Fiona Sturges Financial Times
Phil Maguire Prison Radio Association
Veronica Simmonds Film & Radio Producer
Brendan Baker Sound Designer, 'The Message', 'Love + Radio'
Will Jackson Radio Independents Group
Lalah-Simone Springer Podcast/Social Media Producer
Avery Trufelman 99% Invisible
Peter Price  PPM Productions
David McGuire Stabl
Johanna Zorn Third Coast Festival
Ryan Dilley  Panolpy UK
Nick Quah Hotpod
Tony Phillips WNYC Studios
Josie Long  Broadcaster
Jason Phipps The Guardian
Faraz Osman Lemonade Money
Maria Williams  Radio Producer  
Dana Gerber-Margie  Bello Collective
Eleanor McDowell  Falling Tree / Radio Atlas
Felicity Finch Actor, Documentary Producer
Leo Hornak  BBC Radio
Caroline Crampton New Statesman
Brett Spencer BBC Radio
Corey Layton Whooshkaa
Cassandra Denton Unedited:
Kate Chisolm The Spectator
Sam Bonham Rethink Audio
Cheeka Eyers Rethink Audio
Ollie Peart Broadcaster
Marie McPartlin Somerset House
Michael Hill Radioplayer
Paul Donovan  The Sunday Times

The chair of judges is Helen Zaltzman Answer Me This!, The Allusionist, Radiotopia