Entry to the main awards has now closed.

…our crack team of over 50 independent judges are now considering your entries, with nominations announced in early April.

Key Dates

4th March *updated* - Entries Close at Midday

9th April Nominations Announced, launch of Listeners’ Choice competition

18th May Winners announced at Kings Place, London

Key Rules

If you've created at least six episodes of a single podcast in the past 13 months - and they're still available to download in podcast form - then you're likely to be able to enter.

Full rules are here, but the audio you submit must be:

  • a single MP3

  • up to a maximum of 15 minutes long

  • including (up to) a maximum of 5 clips,

  • from at least 3 different episodes (unless stated)

  • be taken only from material first published between 1st January 2018 and 31st January 2019

It should be audio that best describes the great work that you do. Alongside it, you can submit background information and/or tracklisting. This is where you should demonstrate success (from stats, social, reviews, listeners comments etc)


We've created 15 categories you can enter, and three special awards where you can nominate a potential winner.

You can enter your podcast in as many categories as you think are relevant (and the entry system allows you to duplicate entries). 

The Audioboom Podcast of the Year is chosen from the winners of each of the main 15 categories.

The full category list is here

The Listener Choice Award, voted for by listeners of British podcasts, will open in April.


There are two price bands for each entry in the awards:

  • Independent podcasters (where the podcast’s turnover is less than £100,000 per year): £20.

  • Corporate podcasts (if its part of a business/corporate entity, OR is an independent podcaster that earns more than £100,000 per year): £65.

Fees are paid per entry, per category. You can make as many entries as you wish

The BPAs run at break-even, there is no payment to the organisers for their work, and all money is invested back into the event. 

Ticketing information for the ceremony will be announced shortly; last year the price was £25 per person.