The British Podcast Awards is proud to announce three new categories this year: Moment of the Year, Sex & Relationships and The Bullseye Award.

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Moment Of The Year supported by Acast

The most impactful, visible, compelling single piece of audio produced this year and exclusive to a British podcast. Outstanding entries in this field... will have kickstarted a national debate, got the social networks a-buzzin', or been widely shared to non-podcast audiences.

Best Family podcast

Recognising the shows that entertain children with either high quality storytelling, amazing facts or very silly jokes. OR: parenting podcasts that tell it like it really is, help us overcome those stressful times and give us fresh insights into modern family living. Outstanding entries in this category will... educate their audience in an accessible and entertaining manner. Children's podcasts should demonstrate how they engage listeners through format, casting and tone.

Best Arts & Culture podcast

Celebrating arts criticism across all cultures: the podcasts that encourage us to seek out new releases or forgotten classics - through reviews, interviews, discussion.... any or none of the above. Outstanding entries in this category will go beyond episode recaps or the typical ‘thumbs up/down’ critiques and give listeners fresh angles on the arts they love, with genuine and passionate presentation.


Best True Crime

Still one of podcasting's most popular genres, winners in this category will be outstanding in their field. Whether it’s original investigations or pure storytelling, judges will be looking for well-researched programmes, with evocative storytelling and human stories at its heart. Outstanding entries in this category will have crafted a format around the material available, whether that’s archive, original interviews or other techniques, playing with this most established of podcast genres to create something unique.

Best Branded Content

Showcasing the best examples of advertiser-funded podcasts, where both the editorial and sponsor’s aims are seamless and beneficial... and, above all, make a great listen. Outstanding entries in this category will demonstrate either added value to the brand’s established consumer base, or reach beyond to new audiences.

Best Comedy supported by Spotify

Not to be confused with our entertainment category, this is for podcasts that aren’t just funny… but have finely crafted jokes inside*. From panel shows to parody, improv to sitcoms - and entirely new formats that only podcasts can create - judges have been instructed to reward the podcast that tickled the jury the most, not necessarily the one that appealed to everyone.

Make one judge laugh harder than any of the other entries, and you’ll walk away with the prize. Outstanding entries in this category will be markedly different from the traditional 28’ radio formats, pushing boundaries that can’t be spoken on the FM dial.

* we recognise there are different types of comedy: it could be belly laughs, sweet-natured, angry or timely satire, just plain surreal... all are welcome.


Best Fiction

Incorporating drama, readings, and ground-breaking new formats for storytelling. Outstanding entries in this category will incorporate production that suits the story/stories and sound design that acknowledges an audience primarily of headphone users. New writing, new talent, new ways of looking at the world - these will be noted favourably.

Smartest podcast

From how to keep fit to why we need bees - entries here should improve our understanding of ourselves and the world in an entertaining and accessible way. Whether your schtick is general knowledge or gloriously niche, to become ‘Smartest Podcast’ at the British Podcast Awards is to make audiences smarter the longer they stay listening. Obvs. Outstanding entries in this category will elevate the potentially driest of subjects to unmissable listening, making best use of podcasting’s unique qualities.

Best Radio Podcast supported by Radioplayer

This category recognises the radio programmes that appeal to podcast audience's sensibilities, and the key aim of the British Podcast Awards: to recognise programming that honours fresh perspectives, new formats or alternative viewpoints unheard in mainstream media.

The radio programme this is connected to must be available on a BBC or OFCOM-licensed broadcast radio station.

Best New

We want to champion the best launch of a show across any genre - if you have managed to start well and keep getting better, tell us how. To qualify, you will have started the podcast - and launch six episodes - in 2018. Outstanding entries in this category will demonstrate the creative potential of the show, through new talent, writing or formats, rather than its current listener reach. Judges will want to label the winner ‘the ones to watch’ and forever claim they were listening from the beginning.’


Best Sport

Maybe you have incisive analysis, exceptional pundits and great access - or perhaps the discussion is merely a sideshow to the blossoming, unspoken romance between your contributors. Regardless, if you have a loyal audience and an entertaining show, you should enter.

Outstanding entries in this category will be able to demonstrate an fanbase loyal to the podcast beyond the dreams of most sports clubs. Audience size is not a factor: making niche sports accessible to wider audiences would be as valued here as much as any show pegged to a major sporting tournament.

Best Interview

Incorporating interview formats across many topics: from books, to comedy, to health, to human interest. Whether your guests are super famous or just damned interesting... perhaps they’re edited with a light touch, or cut down to size... either way, we want our judges to discover the finest, most compelling, incisive conversation produced this year.

Unlike other categories, entries can be one extract from a podcast published in 2018, up to 15mins in length.


Best Current Affairs

Whether you are a business, news and current affairs programme, publishing regular discussion formats or original journalism, we want to hear podcasts that have sought insight into our complex society. Outstanding entries in this category will find new angles on recent events, beyond the headlines and 24-hour news cycles, retaining relevance with an audience beyond the week they were published.

Best Entertainment supported by Sony Music’s 4th Floor Creative

Incorporating music shows, magazines, true storytelling and chat-based formats. If you put a spring in your listeners’ step, if you provide toe-tappin’, chin-strokin’, chuckle-inducin’ escapism... you should apply within. Outstanding entries in this category will revel in their eclecticism, curating content or features that your subscribers unquestionably consume with open hearts and minds.


Best Sex & Relationships

A new category designed to recognise the great work being done in sex education and relationship advice; representing a wider variety of sexual experiences than has previously been the case in mainstream media. Outstanding entries in this category will have a high standard of research (whether in terms of guests or subject matter) and presentation that confronts taboos in an entertaining and accessible way.

Special Awards

Our special awards cannot be entered publicly. See our rules for more information.


Audioboom Podcast Of The Year

Or the ‘10 Months Later I Still Think About That Episode Award’. The highest honour of the night and, let’s face it, the easiest one to explain to your listeners that you’ve won. The winner is chosen from the Gold winners of the categories above - so anyone who enters the awards has a chance of winning this most prestigeous of categories.

Outstanding entries in this category will have outstanding presentation, original research or writing, appropriately superb sound design and boundary-pushing material that showcases the very best of what British podcasting can achieve.


Podcast Champion

Every year we bestow this title on the person or company that has championed the podcasting cause. This award could honour an app, critic, newsletter... anything or anyone that aids listeners’ search for the right podcast. It is nominated by the nominees of this year's awards and announced on the night.


The Bullseye Award supported by Podiant

Formerly the Represent Award, this category honours the podcasts that are producing exceptional listening experiences for niche audiences and those underrepresented in other British media. To be considered for this award, enter your category's main award and use the opt-in tickbox. This category is free to enter.

The Spotlight Award

Recognising the podcasts that bring significant new audiences to podcasting, through their star power and high-quality programmes. As above, entries are selected from those that enter existing categories.


Listeners' Choice Award

The Listeners' Choice Award is a public vote, chosen by podcast listeners. Voting is now open.